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Our Process

Call ReadyToPlay - CD Ripping Service


Call Us

As the best CD ripping service in the U.S. we start by talking with you, not taking an order.

We will discuss your best options for CD ripping codecs (lossless or Mp3); using the files in your home or car, shipping options, what kind of hard drives to store the files, backup and more.

We’ll lay out a plan that will work for whatever you want to do.


Automated Ripping

Automated CD Ripping - ReadyToPlay

We utilize automated robots for consistency & precision along with the best ripping software available (DBpoweramp) to rip your CDs into any format (Lossless or MP3). We also utilize AMG metadata for accuracy and consistency.

CDs with scratches or unrecognized CDs will be set aside automatically for special handling.

Lossless - ReadyToPlay


Hand checked. Twice.

We hand compare the ripped files with the original CD, hand fixing it on the spot. Manually finding and replacing any missing cover artwork and more.


We then review the entire collection as a whole to ensure accuracy and consistency.


Exported, Packed, & Shipped.

CD Ripping Service - ReadyToPlay

We load your files to whatever drive you’d like – a NAS, USB or flash drive. We can purchase for you or you can supply a hard drive.


We’ll repack all your CDs into the jewel cases or spindles and ship them back to you with insurance!

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