•  Frank M.

    We had a large (1000+), predominately opera and classical music CD collection. We had started to rip them ourselves and recognize both the time consuming nature and the complexities of the meta data deserved a more professional & experienced solution. That led us to ReadyToPlay. After one phone call with Jeff, we were sold, he really knows his stuff. The process was simple and very easy (they send you spindles, you load the cd's and return them.) In a few days you get your entire collection back in completely ripped with excellent, structured and consistent meta-data. It went without a hitch and the quality was outstanding. They exceeded my expectations! Unlocking (i.e. moving to the non-CD age) with your collection is a fantastic experience!

  • Todd G.

    Just finished getting over 1300 CDs ripped to flac and MP3 by Ready to Play. As others have noted, Jeff the owner is a great guy, very knowledgeable, and really customer service oriented. Ready to Play is not the cheapest service out there, but after doing extensive research before buying, I'm convinced they are the best.It will take me a while to confirm all of the rips, but the ones I've looked at and listened to have been stellar. I'd highly recommend Ready to Play to anyone, but especially if you are a hi-fi person and are looking for the highest quality conversion.

  • Gemma C.

    After almost a decade of languishing in boxes, our music collection has come back to life thanks to RTP's work.  They were super-efficient and the quality of the final product — all the metadata, all the artwork, compatibility to our multiple digital music systems and especially on the complex to categorize classical music — was faultless.  Post-sales support has also been superb.  Every day my husband and I re-discover music we love: difficult to put a price on that!

  • Keith R.

    ​I found Ready to Play which is a cd rip to hard drive company. They can store all of your music files for playback and they are all in one place, so, my walking disability has been all but eliminated. From the comfort of my living room recliner I can search and playback all of my mu,sic. At the time I wasn't ready to undergo this project. but now is the time for sure. I just had them rip my modest cd collection and got it back a few days later, like magic. Jeff, the main guy there is very easy to work with and accommodating and my cd's sound better than ever. He is apparently one of the only companies left that exclusively rips cd to a hard drive, Take you pick of the format you wanted it in, I chose flac and I am happy I did so.

    I can't recommend him highly enough, it would have taken forever for me to rip all of my cds to my music player, maybe a few weeks check out their service and I only gave a review on what i was aware of.

  • Steve E.

    My 470 largely classical CD collection is now eminently accessible for my audio system thanks to Ready To Play's sophisticated organization of meta-data, genre and CD covers (even for some of the earlier recordings). Use of this service saved hundreds of hours of my time get it right.

  • Craig

    I've been traveling all week, stayed up last night loading everything up. As luck would have the family is all out and about this morning, so I'm completely rock in' out. Currently listening to the cleanest sound Zep I've heard in years - custard pie, rover, time of dying from physical graffiti. Yowser!!!

  • Charlie W.

    I have barely scratched the surface of the music library, but from what I've seen so far, you did an amazing job. I can type "Mozart piano concerto" into a search bar and see every concerto I have, scattered across various disks and collections. I've never been able to do that before -- and consequently, for years, I haven't really known exactly what music I owned! I would recommend your service highly to anyone.

  • Kerry

    I delivered 325 of my client's very favorite music CD's to Jeff at Ready to Play and in a couple of days - he ripped all of them - a PERFECT Solution. Jeff is very smart, efficient and great to work with...  I let all my clients, who have mountains, hills, piles, collections, closets and boxes filled with CD's to think about reducing the collection ( aka clutter) with one quick trip to Ready to Play.

  • John L.

    Jeff Tedesco and Ready To Play deliver a customer service experience that is second-to-none!  Jeff ripped several hundred CDs for me about 5 years ago, and I have used them with my NAS and Sonos system (which he helped me configure) every day since then.  I moved recently, and made some network changes that affected my original setup.  When I needed help, Jeff promptly returned my call, and spent about 30 minutes on the phone explaining not only how to get the system up and running again, but also recommending some changes to get my system back up to today's standards.  The quality of Ready To Play's lossless rips is awesome, and don't have to be an audiophile to hear the difference from a typical iTunes track.  If you enjoy music, Ready To Play is for you.

  • Brent C.

    I’ve been thrilled with the results! Rediscovering a lot of music at the touch of a button over the past few months. All of your recommendations have worked out better than I expected.

  • KJ L.

    I didn't realize until I started browsing your rips how valuable even a single photo can be to spark memories of an album. Your service was so effective that it has made me look all the more foolish that I haven't ripped the five or so CDs (live recordings from shows) that need it.

  • Richard L.

    ​The project has been a great success.  I really appreciate how the entire process worked.  If I were to have to do this again, I wouldn't go anywhere else.  And if I learn of someone else who needs to get their CDs converted, you can be sure Ready To Play would be very strongly suggested to them

  • Robert M.

    ​My system took only moments to install using the Bose website and everything works BEAUTIFULLY!  I love the system and in combination with the Bose hardware and software is a dream to operate.  The classical music plays with wonderful clarity.

  • Bao

    I just loaded all my classical music. I am sooooo happy …. found things that I haven’t listen to in years.

  • Steve W.

    ​I'm very happy with what you did for me. I am discovering however that more and more of my friends seem to think Spotify or Amazon Music is there answer to having a music collection. Call me old fashioned but I still like to play an "album" now and again from start to finish, I think that's a dying art. Maybe the new interest in vinyl will re-kindle some of that, I sure hope so!

  • Erik C.

    ​Still enjoying the music you sent; I thought your service was great.

  • Eric L.

    ​You may remember me. You did a lossless rip of my CD collection years ago, and you put it on a NAS drive for me. I remain a satisfied customer.  continue to recommend you to my friends who are moving into smaller space and can't bring along their CDs.

  • Niko G.

    ​Your help to me was invaluable. Rest assured that if I ever hear about someone that might need your kind of service, I will let them and you know.

  • Kevin

    ​We LOVE our digital music, thank you. Have shared your info with a few folks, will continue to do so.

  • Phillip K.

    I had my Aurender music server installed yesterday and I am thrilled. Sounds great and you did an amazing job organizing my sprawling music collection. I also had the NAS added to my home network and everything is working great. Again thanks for all of your help, advice and counsel.

  • Charles H.

    ​I have been recommending this amazing system to all my friends. The one weak leak is the Sonos Connect box. It works fine, but shuts down and has to be unplugged to reset. I know this is a Sonos issue and not you. Just wanted to pass along my experience. This sound through my stereo speakers is simply amazing.

  • Tom W.

    ​Love it! Everything was perfect and this will be a game changer  for my music.

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